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Investment structure

With longevity and stability at the forefront of our business, we seek to develop and maintain long-term relationships with our shareholders and investors.

This is reliant on a mutual understanding that the Harnel Group can sustain its shareholders objectives and deliver high standards across all of its companies and investment vehicles.

Below – Harnel Group company structure with Harnel Capital Partners providing both debt and equity funding via private funding and merchant banks.
Investment Diagram

SPV finance structure

The table below shows a simple developement funding structure using a traditional debt and equity system along with the associated returns on capital investment.

The senior debt is secured with a merchant bank or funding group at a fixed rate and 1st charge, while the remaining fund is available to a private investor or investor pool. In some cases we structure the finance using a single high net worth individual and a blended hybrid of finance at a very attractive rate on capital investment.

Investment Example
LTC: Loan to cost
ROCI: Return on capital invested
(1) Senior debt secured at on a loan period, normally 12-24 months

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