Land Opportunities and working with Harnel

The current challenges facing home building in the UK are prevalent across the industry; political and economic uncertainty, rising construction costs, higher taxation on larger properties, and a sustained period of lower volume post Brexit transactions.
However, with a 40% shortfall in new homes and a huge number of aging properties that offer real development opportunities, we can help you make the most of your land or property.

Our expert team of design, build and legal services are specialists in identifying opportunities in undervalued properties and secure the right planning permission that can considerably increase the value of your home as part of a purchase.

Why choose us

  • First and foremost, we can deliver exceptional returns. In some cases, six figures above your properties current market value, while covering all the fees to do so, making your position risk-neutral. All we need from you is some time to facilitate the planning.
  • Our design team has over 100 years in combined knowledge of the planning system, along with all the hurdles that need to be negotiated in order to achieve successful planning approval.
  • We offer a completely open book policy. From the initial feasibility study to resale values, covering legal fees through to the design and planning stage, we offer you complete transparency from the initial concept to deal exit.
  • Unlike much of our competition in the same space that simply sells the planning gain on, we are bona fide developers that aim to build high specification private and affordable homes, contributing to local housing targets, high-quality homes and new jobs in the local community.

Contact us

For more information or to discuss your property, please contact us at or (0)345 057 3535

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